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Prices vary, but average at £20 per 20 minutes, on the basis that after 3 months Clutterbox can offer the production to other schools as an off-the-peg purchase.

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Off-the-peg Plays, Productions & Festival Items

The Hunting Party   [Years 4–7 – Duration 25–30 mins]
When Henry VIII falls from his horse while hunting, he is taken to a peasant’s cottage in the woods. What happens there will have far-reaching effects on several members of the family.
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Loki the Mischief-Maker   [A play for Juniors – Duration 25 mins]
A retelling of the Viking myth of Loki, his jealousy of Odin and Frigga’s son Balder, and the punishment exacted by the gods after Loki brought about his death. Action is continuous with no scene-changes, and the audience is swept along in the mixture of dialogue and poetic narrative.
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Occasional Presentations
Pieces written for particular occasions.
These two can be used as extended assemblies, but with prayers and hymn omitted, they become short dramatic presentations.

(For Remembrance)
  [Years 5–8 – Duration 25+ mins]
Interspersed with narration, we follow 3 young men through the first world war ~ call-up, training, life in trenches, writing home and, eventually, failure...
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The Poppy Tree
(For Remembrance)
  [Years 2–4 – Duration 20+ mins]
Through question and answer, children tell each other of the origin of Remembrance, and have the opportunity to show family artefacts from the World...
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• Operas and ballets shrunk to minimal narration and script
• Lyrics written to the more memorable melodies
• Enjoyable way of introducing classics
• Funny, slick and lasting 30 to 40+ minutes
• Excellent for variety shows, festivals and concerts
• Suitable for mixed or single-sex casts

Such fun!

The Diminished ‘Magic Flute’   [Years 5–8 – Duration 25+ mins]
Mozart’s opera as never seen before!
Three narrators whisk us through the highly fanciful story, characters interjecting...
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‘Swan Lake’ – The Musical   [Years 6–8 – Duration 20+ mins]
A new look to Tchaikovsky’s ballet.
Four narrators gallop us through the events of the story, with the characters...
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Coming soon:
Almaviva! (‘Marriage of Figaro’)   [Years 6–10 – Duration 20+ mins]

Festival & Variety
• Lots of individual talent?
• Music Hall is the ideal vehicle

Victorian Music Hall 1   [Years 3–4 – Duration 30+ mins]
This Victorian Music Hall was first performed as an item in a school arts’ festival. It is designed for Lower Juniors, although older...
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Victorian Music Hall 2   [Years 5–8+ – Duration 60 mins]
Lasting about an hour, this is an excellent variety show with something for all talents. Each introduction is tailor-made for the act, so items...
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Two plays (no songs)
The Fourth Wise Man   [Years 4–7 – Duration 20+ mins]
Artaban, the fourth wise man, has three jewels to give Jesus. We follow his delayed journey, and see the incidents that cause him to part with the jewels...
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The Florentine Nativity   [Years 6–10 – Duration 45-50 mins]
A Christmas allegory.
Vittore Dorezzi is a renaissance painter whose studio becomes the centre of a struggle between his patron, Federigo, and Federigo’s pregnant...
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Infant Nativity (play with songs)
Three Bells for Christmas   [Years 1–3 – Duration 20–25 mins]
When Jesus is born, the three great bells of Bethlehem must ring out in unison, and their signal will be the star. Two bellkeepers are ready and willing, but...
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The Crowded Barn   [Years 1–3+ – Duration 20+ mins]
When Gabriel chooses their father’s barn as the place for a king, Peter and Jacob are happy to clean it up. The animals who live there, however, obstruct...
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Coming soon:
The Shepherd and the Angel   [Years 1–3 – Duration 20–25 mins]

Primary Nativity with songs ~ 3 versions in 1
Following On   [Years 1–6 – Play⁄Cantata⁄Narration – Duration 20–25 mins]
Pageboy Ali and camel Rameses are deemed too untidy to go to Bethlehem with Melchior. But as the kings seem to leave a royal present behind everywhere they go...
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Junior Nativity (play with songs)
The Boys of Bethlehem   [Years 3–5 – Duration 20–25 mins]
Bethlehem becomes overcrowded, so boys from the inns are sent to sleep out under the stars. As they sleep, they are investigated by the beggar-boys and then woken...
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Coming soon:
The Word Went Out   [Years 2–5 – Duration 20–30 mins]

Topic Drama
Bring History and PSHE into your Drama and English.
• Short plays linking to junior topics.
• Quality text that does not patronise young players.
• Good material as a focus for anthology presentations.

‘Portuguese Gold’ – Tudor seafarers: Drake   [Years 5–8 – Duration 30+ mins]
Based on true events which happened during Francis Drake’s round-the-world expedition in 1577/78. When a noble friend of Drake’s, and captain of...
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‘Robin Hood and the Bishop’   a mock mummers’ play in narrative verse. Medieval life + PSHE [Years 6–8 – Duration 20+ mins]
A retelling of one of the legends of Robin Hood. The Bishop of Hereford is waylaid in Sherwood Forest and taken to feast with the outlaws. As payment, they take the...
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Plays, Productions & Festival Items
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