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Off-the-peg Assemblies
These are all tried, tested and well-received.
• Have varying part-sizes ~ something for everyone
• Mix narration, drama, poetry, prayer and dialogue
• Are written in good but colloquial language ~ fluent and easy to learn (should you so wish)
• Use gentle humour to put their points across

World War 2 – Home Guard  [Years 5–7. Duration variable ~ 20+ minutes.]
Excellent for those studying World War 2, this takes a light-hearted look at the Home Guard, explaining the importance of its work...
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Harvest  [An assembly for one class or the whole school. Duration variable ~ 15 to 30 minutes.]
Children expand on various aspects of the harvest through history to the modern day. Written in sections, it is easy to edit...
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Another Year On
A 20-minute summer assembly for Years 4-6, reviewing the past year and looking forward to the long holiday. Gently humorous. Contains a narrative poem, and opportunities for mime and acting. Can be customised for your own class.
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The School Year Starts   [Years 3 & 5 – Duration 15 mins]
Children explore their mixed feelings about returning to school after the summer holiday. A reporter finds out...
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Punctuality   [Years 3 & 4 – Duration 10-15 mins]
A group of children explore the feeling of being late and its repercussions. We hear what friends think of us when we are late, and see 2 contrasting boys being...
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Victorian Children   [Years 3-5 – Duration 20+ mins]
5 children discuss life in Victorian times for working-class and well-off children. The dissenter who insists that he might have liked working in a mine is...
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Wonderful World   [Years 4-6 – Duration 20+ mins]
3 children begin to tell us about climate zones, but are immediately interrupted by someone who argues with them at every turn, and another who badly wants ...
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Hero...or Not?   [Years 3-5 – Duration 20+ mins]
A group of children talk about varying types of hero ~ sporting etc ~ and use a tale from ‘King Arthur’ to illustrate. Then 3 more join the conversation, which...
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Points of View   [Years 3-6 – Duration 20+ mins]
What starts as a discussion on arguments and how they shouldn’t be allowed to spoil friendships, soon changes to a court scene where Red Riding Hood’s wolf is...
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Creation Stories   [Years 4-6 – Duration 20+ mins]
3 judges preside over a convention deciding upon the definitive tale of creation. Delegates from Christianity, Ancient Egypt, Vikings and Confuscianism expound...
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Aztecs – The Origin of Man   [Years 4-6 – Duration 20+ mins]
A group of children introduce us to the Aztecs and their story of creation. The story is acted out, and parallels are drawn between the Aztec and Christian...
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