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(For Remembrance)

Interspersed with narration, we follow 3 young men through the first world war ~ call-up, training, life in trenches, writing home and, eventually, failure to return. Through poetry and dialogue we get a picture of their lives, and the fear under which families at home lived. Pacy and never morbid, poignancy is counterbalanced with gentle humour.
Suitable for Years: 5–8+
Approx. Duration (minutes): 25–30
Speaking Parts: 24
Non-speaking Parts: to suit
Songs: 3
Price (GBP): £16.50
• 24 speaking parts [doubling possible]
• 1 non-speaker + extra soldiers, crowd...
• Duration ~ 25-30 minutes
• 3 songs [could be spoken] Backing CD included
• Lively script
• NC links: Hist/Drama