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Robin Hood and the Bishop
A retelling of one of the legends of Robin Hood. The Bishop of Hereford is waylaid in Sherwood Forest and taken to feast with the outlaws. As payment, they take the money he is carrying, and when this is discovered to be less that they hoped, he is made to dance for their entertainment. Then he is put back-to-front on his horse and let loose in the forest. The wealth is distributed to the poor, and we hear that the Bishop died 2 days later.
Suitable for Years: 3–5
Approx. Duration (minutes): 10+
Speaking / Singing Parts: 10
Non-speaking Parts: to suit
Songs: none
Price (GBP): £5.95
• Lively script ~ narrative poetry: ballad
• Duration ~ 10+ minutes
• NC links: History/Drama/Language
• 10 speaking-parts
• Extra outlaws