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The Boys of Bethlehem
Bethlehem becomes overcrowded, so boys from the inns are sent to sleep out under the stars. As they sleep, they are investigated by the beggar-boys and then woken by the brightness of the great star. After some conflict, some parental intervention, and some conversation with passing shepherds, it is eventually Joseph, drawn outside by their noise, who suggests that they put their voices to better use ~ sing for the baby.
Suitable for Years: 3–5+
Approx. Duration (minutes): 25–25
Speaking / Singing Parts: 18
Non-speaking Parts: lots
Songs: 4
Price (GBP): £17.50
• 18 speaking parts
• Lots of non-speaking parts
• Duration ~ 20-25 minutes
• Suitable for all-male cast
• 4 songs
• Lively script
CD Included