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Three Bells for Christmas
When Jesus is born, the three great bells of Bethlehem must ring out in unison, and their signal will be the star. Two bellkeepers are ready and willing, but the third is old and deaf. The travellers arrive at Bethlehem, the baby is born and Gabriel rounds up the shepherds. All await the three bells. It takes a bit of divine intervention to bring about the happy ending.
Suitable for Years: 1–3+
Approx. Duration (minutes): 20-25
Speaking / Singing Parts: 20
Non-speaking Parts: lots
Songs: 6
Price (GBP): £17.50
• 20 speaking parts [1-11 lines each]
• Lots of non-speaking parts
• Duration ~ 20-25 minutes
• 6 songs
• Lively script
CD Included