Clutterbox Assemblies
Another Year On
Pupils discuss how they have changed over the last academic year, rejoicing that it is now summer, with outings etc.. There is optional opportunity to personalise the assembly with actual events, contrast between good and bad aspects of summer, and a boasting ‘tennis match’. It ends with good wishes for the holiday ahead, and prayers for safekeeping.
Suitable for Years: 4-6
Approx. Duration (minutes): 20+
Speaking Parts: 30
Non-speaking Parts: to suit
Songs: none
Price (GBP): £10.00
• 30 speaking parts (doubling possible)
• Comedy outing poem
• Mime and acting opportunities
• Lively scripted interchanges
• Full of character
Another Year On
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" So easy to do. A couple of read-throughs and we were there... "
" Such fun ~ but the moral’s still there. "