Clutterbox Assemblies
Children expand on various aspects of the harvest through history to the modern day. Written in sections, it is easy to edit to a required length, and includes Joseph’s explanation of Pharaoh’s dreams, ‘Oats and Beans and Barley Grow’, a hiring fair, a post-harvest pay-off (Hardy: ‘Far From The Madding Crowd’), ‘John Barleycorn’, prayers of thanksgiving and an opportunity for pupils to display their produce.
Suitable for Years: 3-6
Approx. Duration (minutes): 15-30
Speaking Parts: 39
Non-speaking Parts: to suit
Songs: none
Price (GBP): £10.00
• 30 speaking parts (doubling possible) •
39 speaking parts (lots of doubling possible) •
Non-speakers: labourers, 3 kings, 3 pages, 3 ‘Barleycorns’ •
Lively scripted interchanges •
Poems and/or songs •
Cast from one class or sections divided between year-groups
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" ...far more meaningful than most... "
" Entertaining and educational – Wow! "