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WW2: The Home Guard
Excellent for those studying World War 2, this takes a light-hearted look at the Home Guard, explaining the importance of its work in spite of the comic image. While two characters insist that there should be some French content to the assembly, we are taken through the tale of Uncle Eddie, genuine HG anecdotes, enlistment medicals and finally a ‘Dad’s Army’ type scene, before finishing with a prayer of thanks.
Suitable for Years: 5–7
Approx. Duration (minutes): 20
Speaking Parts: 25
Non-speaking Parts: to suit
Songs: none
Price (GBP): £10.00
• 25 speaking parts (can be doubled or divided) •
Non-speakers: home guards, doctors •
Some elementary French •
Lively scripted interchanges •
Poem and songs •
Easily sectioned for rehearsal
Home Guard
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" The children are really enjoying it, because it‘s so funny; it doesn‘t feel like work. "
" Even my shyest are keen to do it. "