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Useful Bits for Teachers
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Summary of Class ~ work ethic and achievement
• Quick tick-chart to help the teacher spot-assess pupils ~ approach, work-habit and achievement. Invaluable to have in front of you when you write reports or talk to parents.
Marks and Comments
• All-purpose marks chart with space for comment
Reports: How can I put it...?
• Briefly paraphrases well-worn comments. Helps prevent repetition.
• DIY comments for Language and General Topics
Half-Termly Planner
• Enlarge to A3 and plan half a term’s work across the curriculum
Non-Fiction Book Review
• Fill-in sheet for pupils ~ quite brief.
Looking at a poem
• Pupil fill-in sheet, dealing with form and language.
Narrative poetry introduction
• An introductory lesson or two ~ Years 4-6
Myth, legend, fable, parable
• A pupil tick-chart of attributes
Cut ’n stick in: Junior individual topic/project presentations
• Small patch to stick at end of individual projects, showing how marks have been allocated. Saves a lot of writing!
Parent-Teacher interview timetable
• Fill in available dates and times and let parents sign up for their meeting with you.
Parent-Teacher information sheet
• Fill in this sheet before the parent/teacher interview and send parents away with a copy of it after the discussion.

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